Family History of  Novella Potts 


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Family History of Novella Potts, born 12 Oct. 1906 in Cainsville Wayne County, Utah.† My parents John Franklin Carrell and Olive Louse Foy Carrell.† House where I was born was a frame house partly and part log house built very neat and very comfortable home. And it was truly a home, not just a house.† Our home had a fire place in it and I remember so well, how we all loved to sit around it sing songs, tell stories and enjoy the evening.† My father was a wonderful step dancer.†† We enjoyed apples, honey or molasses candy, and popcorn.† This was wonderful days.† We had a big beautiful orchard, a big apple tree in front of the house, big lilac bushes, which smelt so sweet, pretty flower garden, which I loved so much.† The home where we learned to pray, and was taught about this beautiful Gospel.

††††††††††† We had a big canal back of the house and we use to fill our barrels with water and put gunny sacks around them, then keep them wet to keep our water cool.† For washing cotton wood ashes would be put in the water to settle and make it clear.† We had nice gardens, we raised hay, grain, also cain, and I did love to see them make mollasses.

††††††††††† Time were very hard, money was very hard to get, I remember of selling 100 lbs of dried peaches for $2.00, but them was very happy days, every one was happy, as every one was.† We learned to love our neighbor, and I never remember calling a married person by their first name,† It was all bro. and sister, and today that is hwy it is so hard for me to say Mr. and Mrs.† These things and a lot more I learned while in my parents home by my wonderful parents.† I am trying lo live so I can meet them in the Celestial kingdom

††††††††††† My parents:

†John Franklin Carrell born 13 Apr 1856 in Manti Sanpete, Utah.† Died 13 Oct. 1932 Upalco Duchesne, Utah.† Married Olive Louisa Foy at Manti Sanpete, Utah.† She was born 8 Jan 1864 at Washington, Washington, Utah.† Died 27 Apr. 1929 Upalco, Duchesne, Utah.

††††††††††† My parents were early pioneers, they helped settle the town of Cainsville, Wayne, Utah.† My parents ran a boarding house and they met and cooked many meals, and made many friends, and loved by everyone.† We had 18 to sat down to eat three times a day for six weeks.† This was some friends and our wonderful grandmother and some of her family, but never remember hearing a cross word and our family prayers was never neglected.

††††††††††† They dried lots of fruit and sold it.† My father and mother was very popular with the young folks.† My father being superintendent of† M.I.A.† He and bro. Hanks Walter E. Hanks, joined the young fellows in all their activities.† My mother Primary President.

††††††††††† They was always ready to take care of people who came there for conference, help the sick and needy

††††††††††† My parents raised a very respectable family.† Which I learned to love every one of them.† 1 John Williams Carrell born 14 Sept. 1877, at Manti, Sanpete Utah, died Oct. 1918, married to Dorothy Amelia Pectol 17 Sept. 1877, at Spring Creek Piute Co., Utah.† They were married in Manti Temple.

††††††††††† They had a family of 3 boys and 3 girls, which are all wonderful and most of them working in the church.† They were both very active in church, but I donít know what office they held.† They first lived in one of my fathers house in Cainsville, Wayne, Utah.† Then they moved to Sanafural, Utah. And out by Green River, Utah.† Where he and one of my uncles run the mail from Green river, Utah to Hanksville, Utah.† Then they bought a farm at Grover, Wayne, Utah.† Where he farmed in summer and herded sheep in winter.† Then they moved to Monticello and worked on a farm for a while.† From there to Gateway mare, Colo., where they farmed and took care of fruit.† From there they came to Uintah Basin, and lived with us for some time,† We was all happy, they had six children then.† After some time they moved into another house.† He went to sheep herd.† His family came down with that dreaded disease the flu in 1918.† In a few hours after coming home contacted that flu and in 1 week was a corpse.† He was a very hard worker and true to his church, lived a good life and good to everyone.† The family came and lived with us for some time, my husband and two boys went to saw mill and put in logs to be sawed and built them a house joining us.† Where they lived for a number of years.