Mom & Dad

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  By Albert Potts


I was asked to give a tribute to

  a very special mom and it made me glad.

But, I can't give it of a special mother

  without including a very special dad.

Sixty years I've known these kind and

  loving people, 65 they've been as man & wife.

And for nearly three fourths of a century they prayed

  and worked together to make a better life.

To improve things for themselves and for their children

  this is one of the goals they really tried to do.

I hope our love, for them, can

  partially pay for the trials we've put them thru.


What makes our parents special. I guess,

  is the many kind and spiritual happenings in their past.

It's the stories and exemplary teaching that

  gave us memories that will last.


The schooling for my father, fifth grade

  was all he ever had.

His mother died when he was 10 and

  was on his own when he was just a lad.


His father was called on a mission

  to our States most Southern part.

14 years old found dad in Montana

  working, lonely. and sad of heart.

Another part in Dad's history - a special

  part in his younger life.

When he was driving a white team and new buggy

  coming with his brand new wife.


He said "I t wasn't the white team or

  brand new buggy that opened their eyes with glee

But the brand new wife - that beautiful

  bride that set on the seat by me.

I remember mom telling about her education

  and important happenings in her younger days.

III clothed and cold she walked 2 miles

  and that made about 4 miles both ways.


She also told of a special little boy who's

  family was too poor to send him food or meat

And how he would for her be waiting­

  With a smile and her lunch, when it was time to eat.



How he appreciated her kindness and goodness

  the things she freely and willingly shared.

It told us and him or her goodness

  And let us know she really cared.




God says I'll take care of all my

children who are down on the earth below

But I'll do it with the help of those who

are willing to help, this he wants us to know.


To give and to share their life and

  talents was a quality of both Mom and Dad.

The washing and dressing of those who passed on,

 the setting up with those that were quite bad.

I remember one invalid lady who needed

  constant help and lots of care.

And day after day for a long, long time

  my mother was always there.


I remember them planting a large garden

  for more than they would ever need.

Their gathering and giving it away and

  helping others their families feed.


I growled to mom about this practice of

  giving so rnuch garden stuff away.

They are too lazy to plant, I told her

  and wouldn't ever share with you any day.


She looked at me very sternly and soon

I was hanging low my head

She told me the things the Lord wanted

me to know and this is what she had said.


"Son, the Lord has really blessed us.

He showed us that He does care."

So if we give the extra to our needy

neighbors "We'll always have plenty to share."


Another thing that always thrills me ­

  is cars slow down by their place for a longer look.

Those beautiful flowers - the well kept yards

  Just like in a picture book.

Life hasn't really been easy

  They have worked and labored hard in most all ways.

They have been frugal and sparing an saving

  planning ahead for needy days.


Each of us should reminisce, and ponder

  And thank God for the special parents we do love.

And know for sure and for certainty

that they came from God above.