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Thomas Pullen Potts

Grandfather Potts was the sixth child of Thomas Potts and Harriet Pullen, being born at Selling, Kent, England. 26 Oct 1839. He never had a chance for much education except what he learned by Himself. When he was young he learned to read from bill boards. He was still young when he became a policeman in London. He married Julia Jane Jemmett. They were married 6 May 1860. They were both baptized before they were married. Grandfather Potts was baptized 22 March 1857 when he was seventeen years old three years before they were married. Grandma, Julia Jane Jemmett was baptized Jan. 1852 just a couple of weeks after her eleventh birthday. They had one daughter, Charlotte born 12 Nov. 1860, in England.


They sailed on the ship, Manchester Caxton and their Captain was Henry Frask. It took them forty five days to cross the ocean. They landed at Castle Garden - New York on 21 June 1862 'and went on to Florence, Nebraska. There they had to wait six weeks for the ox teams to get ready. There were forty -wagons in their company under Captain Ansell P. Harmon from Nebraska to Wyoming. When they were in the sweet water territory in Wyoming coming to Salt Lake valley, a baby son Thomas Henry was born 18 Sept 1862. The covered wagon where grandma and the new baby was riding, tipped over and grandma rolled down the hill, breaking her ankle, baby was not hurt. Food was very low so they fed the baby on boiled rice water.

The big wagons were bogged down many times, but slowly the great wheels would turn, catch the mud, lift it a quarter turn and drop it in clods. We had snow, sleet, rain and very cold weather. The prairie held frigid bleakness, the cutting winds and cold air pierced ones bones and it never quite left. Some times when they camped, sloughs of mud was deep to shoe tops, and still their persistent pushing forward hundred of miles into the west.