The (POTT or POTTS) name


The Pott or Potts family has been established in Great Britain from a very early period, And seems to have originated, under this distinctive name, in the North of England. The name is said to have been derived from a locality, or a topographical term signifying deep circular hollows---hence a dweller at such a place. The name had become established in the thirteenth century and possibly much earlier. But it was not until the reign of Queen Elizabeth that we find any family of this name. In one place, who seem to have been of sufficient importance to be officially recorded by the Herald in his Visitations. The name was originally spelled POTT, but has for more than two centuries been almost uniformly spelled, POTTS.

A family of considerable wealth and importance was seated in Cheshire, who took their origin from one Roger Pott, of Dunge. Cheshire. His grandson John Pott, of Stancliffe, Derbyshire, who married first Elizabeth daughter of Richard Newsom and second Wallburga, daughter of Rafe Smith, about 1580 or earlier, was granted arms 19 Nov. 1611, by Sir Richard St. George, of Norry. Pott Hall, in Cheshire, was the seat of a family of this name who bore for arms, the following--- Arms, or two bars azure, 'over all a bend. (Not), of the second, (but Gules) Crest. On a (mound vert. over a) wreath a wild cat sejant, (proper) collared and chained, Or. *

This family has been very numerous in Cheshire and the neighboring counties, both in England and North Wales, down to the present time.